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In Summer of 2018, Girls Can Tell gift co founder and illustrator Sara Villari passed on the tea towel torch on to business partner, Adam Woods, so that she could focus solely on Occasionette, her brick and mortar retail shops. Since 2006, Sara worked on growing this business from printing one-off kitchen towels in the basement of her tiny South Philly row home to producing dozens of new illustrations annually, collaborating with national retailers, printing and shipping thousands of tea towels each month, and working with hundreds of independent shops around the country.

Though you may not know Adam yet, he’s been the guy behind the scenes for quite some time now. His team has been responsible for printing every Girls Can Tell tea towel sold in the past six years, overseeing each order that has shipped since 2015, and making even the most harebrained of Sara's ideas come to life on a moment’s notice.

You can follow along with Sara's adventures in shopkeeping on instagram @saravillari or follow @girlscantell for updates on tea towels, fresh designs, events, etc. 


 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Girls Can Tell?

Girls Can Tell is a line of gifts + homewares created by Sara Villari, featuring her original diagram illustrations, mostly printed on tea towels. What was once just an online shop has grown into a full line of products, available in boutiques, museum shops, and national stores.

Where are Girls Can Tell wares printed?

Girls Can Tell wares are all printed in the US, with most items printed locally (to Philadelphia, across the bridge in Camden, New Jersey) by hand.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes! Please take a moment to check out the wholesale information page.

Where does the name Girls Can Tell come from?

It's just the name of the album Sara was listening to most when she was teaching herself to screen print. She thought it was a catchy name, and it stuck. As luck would have it, that album is still pretty great. The band is Spoon.

Can I get one of your designs on a tee shirt?

Maybe! We’re working on including tee shirts into our offerings.

Can you teach me everything there is to know about screenprinting?

That's what the internet is for! Also, don't discount the value of trial and error.