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Hot Air Balloon Tea Towel
Balloon Tea Towel

Hot Air Balloon Tea Towel

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Hot air ballooning is not only the slowest and silliest mode of air transportation, it’s also the most beautiful.

Invented in the 1770s by a couple of French brothers, and then modernized in the 1960s by Ed Yost and other lighter-than-air pioneers, hot air balloons are sort of like riding a bicycle in the sky. There’s no cabin and no loud engine, so you can see and hear everything on the ground clear, especially since most flights are relatively low altitude.

If you like balloons (spoiler alert: everyone does) and also technical drawings so that you can learn the proper names of balloon parts, then this hot air balloon tea towel is right up your alley.

This towel was brought back from retirement at the request of Stuart our marketing guy, who is a licensed hot air balloon pilot.

Get yourself a hot air ballooning tea towel and let everyone know that you too appreciate the most steampunk of all the aircrafts out there.

Each 100% organic cotton tea towel measures approximately 26" x 26".
Machine washable (not with bleach), tumble dry, do not iron.

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