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Halo Halo Tea Towel
Halo Halo Tea Towel

Halo Halo Tea Towel

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There’s no more iconic Filipino dish than Halo Halo, an amazingly complex dessert that starts with shaved ice and then includes nearly everything under the sun.

Halo Halo means “mix mix” in Tagalog, and half the fun of eating halo halo is poking at it with your spoon and seeing what comes up next.

The perfect treat for a hot afternoon and the perfect gift for the Filipinos in your life.

A delicious treat, drawn, labeled + screenprinted onto washable lint-free floursack cotton kitchen towels.

These Halo Halo tea towels only get better as you wash them - perfect for drying dishes or just making your kitchen look awesome. They make a really great gift!

Each 100% organic cotton tea towel measures approximately 26" x 26".
Machine washable (not with bleach), tumble dry, do not iron.

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